Valentine’s Day 2024: Vogue-approved last-minute beauty gift guide, you’re welcome

Valentine’s Day is not just for the romantics but for everyone who cherishes the essence of love. If you find yourself in the camp of those who believe love doesn’t need a calendar date yet grapple with the desires of a partner who revels in these special occasions, or if you’re simply at a crossroads, wondering how to articulate your love most meaningfully, your search ends here.

The day, often pigeonholed as a day for lovers, goes beyond that- try raising a toast (or many) to your hype crew, family, BFFs and even yourself! And we at Vogue have stepped in as your cupid-esque guide. Whether it’s a sophisticated fragrance that captures the essence of your bond, a skincare gem that says ‘I care’, or a makeup must-have for that friend who adores a pop of colour, our carefully curated selection is bound to have something that resonates with your unique expression of love. We did all the research, so all you need to do is add to cart.

Let’s jump right in!

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