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Thousands raised for Telford girl’s cancer treatment

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Dulcie’s Neuroblastoma Journey

More than £60,000 has been raised for a girl with a rare form of cancer to pursue a pioneering treatment.

Five-year-old Dulcie, from Lawley in Telford, was diagnosed with a stage four neuroblastoma in 2021 which spread into her legs, pelvis and bone marrow.

In March, a 1.2kg (2lb) tumour was removed from her abdomen and since then she has completed a further round of chemotherapy treatment.

Her mother, Debra O’Kelly, said the family was amazed by the support.


Debra O’Kelly

The family first noticed Dulcie had a swollen stomach in January last year, but were told by multiple GPs it could be impacted faeces. It was not until November that her cancer was discovered.

This week, Ms O’Kelly said Dulcie has felt well enough to spend a few days at school.

“She has absolutely bounced back, if it wasn’t for the fact she has no hair, you wouldn’t think she was a sick child,” she said.

“She is so full of energy and making us all so proud.”

Debra and Dulcie

Dulcie’s Neuroblastoma Journey

After finishing the last round of her latest chemotherapy on Sunday, the family are awaiting reassessment scans to see whether Dulcie will progress onto higher dose chemotherapy treatment.

The NHS said neuroblastoma affects around 100 children each year in the UK.

Mrs O’Kelly said they launched the fundraiser for Dulcie to have a vaccine called Bivalent, which is currently undergoing trials in the US. They will pursue the pioneering treatment if Dulcie’s current treatment is unsuccessful or if she relapses.

If they do not need to use the funds, Mrs O’Kelly has said it will either be passed to another family in need or donated to childhood cancer charities.

She said around £63,000 has been raised locally and she was “amazed and overwhelmed” at the way people have supported their cause.

“It is amazing that complete and utter strangers have heard of Dulcie and just want to do what they can to help,” she said.

“It is so overwhelming, we are indebted to everyone who has been doing that for us.”

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